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Does your home need fixing up? Need a loan? Call us!

4.99% APR or  4.84% APR for auto-deducted payments.

15 Year pay back.

Financing 80% of appraised value.

New 20 Year pay back term for loan amounts over $75,000.00.

*No Fees for qualifying properties
**Rates are subject to change without notice – please call to confirm today’s rates.
***Other terms and conditions may apply.

Our Home Equity rate is one of the best in town so talk to us about:

♦  Paying off those high interest rate credit cards

♦  Fixing up your home inside and outside

♦  Covering College expenses

♦  Refinance an existing loan (from another institution) to lower your interest rate

♦  Just piece-of-mind that you have a line of credit available in an emergency

NMLS# 793202

Several members have contacted us stating that they are receiving calls from someone claiming to be MERHO's fraud dept and our number appears as the number they are calling from. Our card department will contact you via text or email just to verify a charge is one that you have done, they will not ask for personal information. Please contact MERHO before ever giving out any personal information.