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Do you have your checking account at MERHO FCU? If not, you are probably paying monthly fees and higher prices for your checks. Ask any member service rep for information on a MERHO Federal Credit Union checking account.

Advantages :

• Get 30 checks for free (First box when opening account)

• No per check charge

• No minimum balance required

**Initial order must be placed by visiting one of our locations

(Click on below link for orders after the initial order)

. No monthly service charge

• Debit card (VISA CHECK CARD)

• Surcharge-free MoneyPass (see “Resources” then “Links” on this website)

• Automatic deposits via Direct Deposit or payroll deduction

. Overdraft protection from share account

. Mobile App for Smart phones with Mobile Deposits

Lost/Stolen Debit card reporting(after hours):  1-800-991-4965

Direct Deposits

Have your entire net paycheck delivered directly to the Credit Union. Check with your employer today to see if they offer direct deposit.

Advantages :

• Free service

• Deposit into multiple accounts

• Make loan payments automatically

• Set up an automatic savings account