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Credit Cards

Compare to your ordinary VISA card! No annual fees. Interest rate is 9.99% APR.  Think about switching to a MERHO VISA credit card and leave your other ones at home! Download the Credit Card application found under the resources tab.

Advantages :

• Lower than market Annual Percentage Rate

• 25-day grace period on purchases

• No cash advance fees

• Consolidate your bills and save money

• $10.00 late fee

• $5.00 replacement fee

. Cash back rewards on every purchase (posted on May statement)

AFTER HOURS NUMBER: 1-800-433-0505

VISA Prepaid Travel Cards

VISA prepaid travel cards make it easy to travel outside of the state or even the country. These prepaid VISA’s can be reloaded with money at any time via the Internet at or at the credit union. Perfect for vacations, college students, and to give as gifts! The best part about the VISA prepaid travel card is it’s FREE!